The Kitchen Renaissance: Tiny Kitchens Big Space

Managing space in tiny kitchens needs you to apply some systematic thinking, it’s all about being practical rather than having a kitchen show-pony. For those that enjoy dressing your kitchen up, this blog isn’t for you! If you want a kitchen workhorse that performs like a pit-crew changing tyres in a formula one race, then this just might be worth a read.

Here are some great tips to increase your counter area and free up some of the most valuable real-estate in your home, the kitchen benchtop.

Firstly, you need to separate the space in your kitchen into two areas: frequent and infrequent. The frequency method deals with high-traffic items and things that are essential to the performance and balance of your kitchen. Things that sit on your countertop need to be justified if they continue to reside. If items have not been used for 3-days remove it! Yes, it’s brutal removing that nice chrome toaster you buff every week to showcase to the neighbours – if you haven’t cooked toast in more than a week, relegate it to a cupboard or a space in the pantry. Items used daily should only reside on the kitchen bench. The kettle, sugar container, saltshaker… the kind of things you need every day without opening drawers or reaching inside a cupboard.

For items that are used infrequently such as a spice rack, pottery jar full of utensils and pretty bottles of olive oil, clean them away and off the benchtop. These things need to be moved away so you can begin to declutter the most prized space in the house. Reorganise your pantry, drawers and cupboards – like magic, new bench space will begin to appear as you move away things of less significance that have overstayed their welcome on your benchtop.

There is also an area of space in a kitchen that’s not often used, yet it can be utilised to store seasonal items such as: Christmas Plates, bowls and cups. This is the space that resides on top of the kitchen cabinet – assuming your kitchen can easily utilise this space it’s going to be a great place for storage. Remember to move infrequently used items up high, and free up that space on the countertop.

Another way of utilising space on your benchtop is to add a narrow shelf stacker this is a great way to be creative with how you manage space in your kitchen. A shelf stacker allows you to keep some items on your benchtop that you find hard to part with.

If you prefer to keep your counters completely clear, fitout your cabinets with under-shelf baskets to hold such things as plates, cups and jars. If your Kitchen needs to be replaced, or you are building a new home and need a kitchen that performs to meet your requirements, then INSPACE can assist you.

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