The Kitchen Renaissance: New Rules for Kitchen Design

The New Year has unfolded but don’t be fooled into thinking this year is going to be the same as the last, especially with the design and look of your kitchen. The events of last year have been game-changing and brought back the kitchen as a workplace that not only looks good but is functional.

Your kitchen now needs to be a great place to bake cakes, cook hearty kiwi meals and provide plenty of counter space for your communal bubble to hang out around the coffee machine and have zoom meetings.

Just when you thought home-cooked meals were declining and becoming a thing of the past, the world changed and so too did our culinary habits and cooking prowess. Months before the world went into lockdown a report published by Empirca Research for the company that runs food delivery service Uber Eats in New Zealand, uncovered something alarming – only half of New Zealanders say they cook at home daily, with a home-cooked meal being only popular with older generations. Breakfast was found to be the meal most Kiwis skipped, and brunch was the meal of choice by millennials which mostly ate outside of the home.

Massey University associate professor, Carol Wham, said busy lifestyles and cheaper takeaways both contributing to the decline in home-cooking. Perhaps the flow-on effect may eventually see the kitchen having less prominence in the home, being a place to reheat meals as TV dinners and food delivery services increases.

The Transformed Kitchen

What a difference a year makes! If there was anything good that came out of Lockdown-2020 it would have to be the comeback of homecooked meals and baking. During lockdown Supermarkets increased Flour sales by 1.5 million tonnes and electrical appliances for the kitchen were sold out as demand surged… the kitchen renaissance had begun.

The sale of kitchen storage canisters increased, benchtops became cluttered with cake mixers, bread makers and coffee machines – Bench space became work-zones with laptops and cell phones fighting for the power point with the Espresso Machines, Kettles and Toasters.

The Kitchen began transforming in 2020 and became the hub of the home – working from home at the kitchen counter is the new normal, within an arm’s reach of the coffee machine while on a zoom meeting. The new Kitchen beyond 2020 is a kitchen that not only looks modern but must perform as the hub of the modern home. If your Kitchen needs to be replaced, or you are building a new home and need a kitchen that performs to meet your requirements, then INSPACE can assist you.

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