The Kitchen Renaissance: Finding The Sweet Spot in The Kitchen

If you’re thinking about remodelling your current kitchen, or looking for design inspiration for your new home, then you may have been watching a lot of home design TV shows recently, or surfing the net.

There are so many things to consider such as cabinetry finishes… should it be painted or stained? Or maybe you’re thinking about what countertops you’d like… should I have Granite or quartz perhaps?

Before you think any further there are some bigger things you need to consider first.

If your next kitchen is going to be both functional and fashionable you need to start with the basics. Functionality should always be top of the list – the workflow of your kitchen is so important because you’re likely to spend many hours each week storing food, preparing food, cooking and cleaning down benchtops.

The basic design of a kitchen should consider the workflow areas and the proximity these areas have with each other. The ‘kitchen triangle’ developed in the1940s, still holds true today. The ‘kitchen triangle’ is a proposition there are three main work areas and they should form a triangle. Each length should be between 1.5-meters and 3-meters long. This is regarded by some as the kitchen’s ‘sweet spot’, the correct working area that eliminates bottlenecks and reduces unnecessary movement around the kitchen whilst preparing meals.

Eighty years on, the kitchen triangle is still prevalent today in many kitchen designs. However, in some kitchen’s functionality gives way to grandeur and that’s ok too. The kitchen has become more than just a workstation at the back of the house as it once was when the kitchen triangle was created.

Today’s kitchen is the hub of the home and more often than not a big part of the homes open plan living. The open-plan design has been a big part of the kiwi-culture. But times change and this design may not be for everyone. A closed kitchen can have many advantages over open-plan designs with a big thumbs up coming from those that prefer cosier living environments and enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency.

If you are wanting a functional kitchen, a grand kitchen or perhaps a mix of both then INSPACE can assist you.

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